pickup line: wanna watch this murder documentary with me?

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I’m proud to say that I’ve never once bitched about the way someone runs their blog 👌

I’m also proud to say I’ve never messaged someone about unfollowing them when their blogging style didn’t satisfy me. That shit is extremely petty. No one is here to cater to your wants and needs 💅


goth bless you

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If you dislike someone’s blog, it’s a lot easier to just unfollow. Don’t waste your breath by bitching about it. No one is holding a damn knife to your throat and threatening you to follow their blog!!!


There’s some ships you ship… that have massive amounts of shippers right along with you. Then there’s the ships… those ships you have that are near and dear to your heart where you’re in a fucking canoe with like… four other people.


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Anonymous said:

I hope you realize that what you're doing can get you in serious legal trouble.